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Thunder Beings
*Inspired by Cherokee traditional stories.

Will you start running
With the Thunder beings coming
Everybody’s gotta face up
The their own
Not stunning

Cause you’re in this with the others
And your sisters and your brothers
All you’ve said and done creates
What will be forthcoming

Lighting and thunder
Always makes me wonder
If we can resurrect the good of
What has ripped asunder

Thunder Beings skyward
Set my soul on fire
Let the smoke carry prayers
Help me to aspire

Do not be frightened
Of the voices of the lightning
Rolling thunder shakes the ground
Raining truth and reuniting
Spirits of the sky with
The people, who am I
To question Sacred People
Lightning striking from the sky

Bounty Hunter

Across the frozen tundra
Across a city skyline
Across the burning desert
Crossing a country fence line

Pursuit is his profession
Money is his drive
Morals an inconvenience
Within him hatred thrives

Forced to protect my kindred
And then wrongly accused
I will not be languid
Justice will be suffused

Hunting without prudential
Blindly driving onward
Pursuing and resentful
His fate will be deserved

The stainless sinner
The legal criminal
He’s broken families
He’s taken lives

The legal criminal
His cards have misplayed
He is not invincible
And I am not his pray

I am not his pray
Not today, not today
Gonna take him down, and put him away
One way or the other gonna make him pay
I’ve got plans for his criminal soul
Go to hell myself, with his ass in tow
Hand him to the devil, then walk away
I am not his pray
Not today, not today
One Cloudy Morning

She got up one cloudy morning
Fighting the driving snow
She got places to go
She got potions to brew
Things to do
She got business with you

She got up one cloudy morning
Fighting through the driving rain
She had somewhere to be
I had to remain sane
Cause I know her well
And I know her true
And I’m tellin’ ya to run boy
Cause she’s got business with you

Catfish And Moonshine
*Dedicated to my late friend John Bull.

Boss man pushin’ me to the wall
Try to get me to play hardball
Ain’t the sort of man that I am
I’lll just let him play out his hand
He may think I’m too laid back
Like I’m some nameless stupid hack
I’ll get it done up nice and tight
And when I get home I’ll set things right

Boss man pushing insane deadlines
Feels like I’m living on a front line
None of of that matters when it comes time
My woman has got me set up fine
I work hard please understand
I can work harder than most any man
But when it’s done I’ve gotta get down
On the best goddamned honey-hole in town

whip it back and let it fly

Hit the water and cast a line
Family and friends doin’ just fine
Me and my woman losing our minds
On catfish & moonshine

Hit the water and cast a line
Life’s too short to waste it cryin’
Whatever it is that blows your mind
Call it catfish & moonshine

Head to the country
With a fresh water line
Good for the soul
Calms the mind

Catching catfish
Sippin’ moonshine
Ain’t nothin’ better
Tonight life is fine

Hit the water and cast a line
Don’t worry ‘bout me I’m doing fine
Dance and sing and loose your mind
On catfish & moonshine
Catfish & moonshine
Catfish & moonshine
Final Solutions

Mediation of meditation
The starvation of causation
If the train don’t reach the station
Then there is no point in waitin’

We spend our whole lives hating
And say we don’t with constant pacing
Genocidal inconstancies
We show no human dignity

If you want solutions
You must clear up the pollution
That is choking all your clarity
Those you loath must receive charity

The union of the masses
Only happens when it passes
That enforcement of the classes
Must all burn down to ashes

Don’t proclaim you’ve see the light
Praising false prophets in the night
We still have yet to get it right
Even the blind have more sight

If this seems a bit scary
Leaves you feeling a bit wary
Open your eyes to the contrary
At our feet the dead canary

At this moment in existence
We must be very persistent
Overcome the false distance
Remove the self-imposed resistance

I’ll bring it all home now
With just a little know-how
You only have to allow
That life will change you somehow

Give it up
Shine on
Give it up
See the light
Give it up
Like It Feels

I was coming down
From what did not appeal
To the spirits on high
Just couldn’t seal the deal

With an ear to the ground
Nothing to be found
Feeling out of place
Got the hell out of town

Wandered an eternity
Looking for the core of me
Drank of an empty feeling
Fed on taciturnity

Suddenly it dawned on me
I was sleeping in dream
Floating on a cloud
As liquid as a sunbeam

Loosing minutes every hour
Staring at a rainbow flower
Sunrise, a fire cloud
Raining, a flaming shower

Perfuse, a silent state
Suffuse, an empty space
Liquid earth wanting shape
The source, of life replaced

Have you ever thought aloud
Lifting of the heavy shroud
Sound of color will allowed
Sip an angels sweating brow

Burning sage will appeal
Humble I will never kneel
Having now sealed the deal
I’m seeing sound taste
Like it feels

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coming soon
Shine On Through
*Dedicated to my mother, Martha Balser.

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